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Our approach to web design is built upon our massive experience. We know what works and what does not and have helped hundreds of businesses succeed through our expertise.

A professional and modern website is now not only recommended, but mandatory for any business that desires to remain in competition. With the average person spending 5+ hours on phone and laptops, online presence of a business is a must.

Our team of expert web designers and digital marketers will help your business accomplish your goals, present a clear image of your brand in the online world, grow your traffic, and generate more revenue through our professional and successful websites.


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Steps to creating a successful website


The very first step in website building is analysis and research. We perform a full analysis in your existing website and your successful competitors. We inspect every detail of web design that matters when it comes to search engine ranking and lead converting.


Next step is to strategize our web design plan based on the data we’ve gathered in our analysis step. We will walk you through the data our experts have gathered and craft a plan that provides a high return on your investment. We will continuously go back and forth with you until we have a plan that you love and we know will provide the best results


During this step, our developers with craft the website based on the strategy we’ve agreed upon. You will be able to choose a design mockup you like and the website will look as accepted.


Launching a website can be hard, but you shouldn’t worry. Our experts have done this thousands of times and know every small detail in web launching. We ensure a smooth transition of your website into open internet. Once live, we will give you the credentials you need for admin access and provide maintenance support.

Elements of a successful web design

Page Speed

According to Google, websites that take more than 5 seconds to load will lose 50% of their traffic immediately. Page speed is one of the most important technical aspects of a website that can easily make or break a website. Our expert web developers use the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure the website is optimized and the website loads in under 2 seconds. This is important with SEO ranking as Page Speed is one of the main factors Google uses to rank websites.

Mobile Responsiveness

With nearly 70% of internet traffic happening through mobile phones, mobile responsiveness in a website is now a must. Responsiveness is likewise one of the main factors used by Google in ranking. After all, a website that does not look good in mobile will not be optimal for over 70% of internet users. Our designers work together with developers to tailor a design that looks good on all devices, laptop, tablet, and mobile to ensure all your customers can view the website.

Design Layout

One of the main components of a great UX (user experience) is a layout that is easy to understand for visitors. Cluttered and unclear layout is one of the main factors that drive traffic away from your website. We ensure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for and what you are offering with only a few clicks. Our team of designers craft a design layout that is in logical manner and easily understood by your customers.


A new area of web design but an important one nevertheless; accessibility refers to how accessible a website is to people with impairments such as hearing, vision, or physical. Many websites have been sued for not following ADA compliance, which is the standard for accessibility. Our WebDevFlorida design agency is committed to creating an ADA compliant website that can be viewed by visitors with impairments. There are three keys to accessibility

Logical text structure
Ability to enhance color contrast
Ability to increase font size

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