Anatomy of a Website That Drives Conversions:
Find Out Which Strategies Work Best

The base of a thriving business operating online is a website having a high conversion rate, while each business's goal is to convert visitors into customers.
The anatomy of a website that drives conversion is to know what works after testing. Many experts have been considering these details and giving useful advice on how to improve the website on your own.
There will be a lot of split testing before you know what will work to drive these conversions. Several marketers shared their experience on what has worked for them. KISSMetrics (a marketing analytics tool), highlighted that changes might increase conversion from 25% to 591%
If your main goal is for your website to have a progressive conversion, we have selected different strategies which might help you, including:

Website's Design

It is already known how important the appearance of a website is. But did you know that redesigning your website can increase the conversion rate by 33%?
Redesigning your website not only increases traffic but also helps in preventing hackers from attacking your business. It would help if your site is user friendly and easily accessed to the users; that alone will give them a reason to stay there so you can turn them into potential customers.

Adding Visuals

Another form to attract visitors is by using elements that the latter trust. By using visuals, you convince visitors to take action. Psychology studies have shown that many people prefer visual information much more than text. This has revealed much more positive results by user experience.
  • Customers are always suspicious of a web site's security, so make sure you use security badges. It does not mean that it will always increase the conversion, but it has worked for many websites.
  • Make sure that your products are presented through clear images. Your customers want to be informed of how the product looks before they buy it. Thus, always use high-quality, optimized images (check our other article on how to optimize your images).
  • Adding an image of a happy person on your website can increase signups up to 10.5 %. It seems like people are far more interested if you use a person's picture; it makes your post more trustful so that you can use that to your advantage.
Nevertheless, always bear in mind that not only the images can draw attention. Videos can be very influential as well, and this way, you can increase conversion. Always make sure to choose the right visual content for your audience.

Importance of First Impression

The first impression last, you may have heard the famous quote of Harvey Specter from the Suits, and that's true for a website too. Based on the first impression on your website, your audience will crete an opinion about the entire business. It is up to you to make them see something that will turn them from visitors into potential customers.

The Power of the Colors

According to NeuroMarketing, "if a good colour sells, the right colour sells better." The psychology of colours is how people tend to respond to them by emotions. It would help if you learned how to use them since it's a great way to drive conversion on your website.
For instance, we all know that the red colour is associated with danger, or the blue colour makes people feel calm or relaxed. Using the right colours on your website will be a potent connection tool with your potential customers.

What Is a Landing Page?

The landing page on your site has the purpose of communication. What makes it different from the other pages is that it allows visitors to get information about what makes your product different from others. If you want to achieve that, you need to make sure that your visitor gets the information unmistakably.
  • Headline – the first thing that catches the visitors' eye is the main headline, so make sure that your headling is eye-catching and tells the users what's the content about. Eye-catching headlines will also affect the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) in Google.
  • Supporting headline – if the headline is specific and contains details, the supporting headline will give you a second look at the story by giving you extra information.
  • Reinforcing statement – even though this is an option, and it depends on how much space you have on your landing page, reinforcing statement strengths the communication by giving more evidence support.
  • Closing statement – is the last word on this subject. By doing this, you give the visitor the last chance to convert in the direction of a customer. By reading the closing statement, the visitor will have a reminder on what are they doing on your landing page.

The Importance of Call to Actions

You need to make a call to actions visible on a website since they are known as one of the most critical factors on a landing page. It needs to be seen from the visitors so they can take action.
  • A trick that will drag attention is twisting colours on your call-to-action. This simple change on your page can come up with a 16 percent increase.
  • Another competent is the position of your call to action. Taken from a study that Contentverve found, if your call to action is close to the signup form, the conversion rates will be 13 percent higher.


Mobile-Friendly-Websites are much more than just a phrase that dominates Google's listing of top searches: they are the future. The rapid pace at which society evolves is reflected in how the mobile browsing industry has grown so fast. Mobile internet usage is now above top-outlets, like social networking and email. Since 2012, mobile browsing has doubled as an industry to reach approximately 70% of the internet user market share. This is an astonishing statistic, but it makes sense if you consider that over 70% of your users may come from smartphones. Making your sites Mobile-Friendly now is a must, so make sure that your site shows well on all devices, especially smartphones.

Nowadays, having a website is not enough; it is essential to have a well designed, user-friendly website that drives conversions and gets higher rankings. If your website lacks on design, conversion, or rankings, our team at WebDevFlorida can improve your performance. Feel free to contact us and get a free 15 min consultation.

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