7 SEO Trends That Will
Play A Major Role
In Rankings in 2021

If you are running a business in 2021, a vital role in attracting customers to your site plays search engine optimization. Thus not only brings more traffic (mainly organic) to your site but also impacts your website's growing online visibility.

As the technology world, SEO is continually evolving and getting more and more competitive. We will take a closer look at some of the SEO trends that will play a significant role in rankings in 2021.

1. Mobile optimization of your website

There is a primary reason why mobile optimization is on top of the list of 2021 trends. According to the recent statistics by WebDevFlorida, an SEO Company in Boca Raton, more than 50% of all traffic of a website's generated from mobile phones. Many consumers will be most likely to purchase from sites they find mobile-friendly, whereas most people search mainly on mobiles. With over 3 billion smartphone users, that talks a lot for themselves. Being mobile-friendly has been one of the most important ranking factors and was officially announced by Google in 2019 as mobile-first indexing. Make sure Google has switched your website to mobile indexing.

2. Artificial Intelligence is changing SEO

Google has launched the artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm, making a significant impact on how fast the SEO industry is changing. When we discuss this, we focus on the so-called Artificial Narrow Intelligence. ANI is present in some programs like Google Translate, Amazon recommended products, self-driving cars, etc. Furthermore, more than 35% of companies are employing artificial intelligence. Powering your business via Artificial Intelligence, you would have augmented keyword research and create compelling content and be able to optimize all of your digital platforms, which confirms WebDevFlorida, SEO Company in Boca Raton. With a single search, you will find different tools that use artificial intelligence to help you speed up your keyword research.

3. Visual & quality content will keep the lead as one of the leading SEO trends

When we talk about SEO, quality content keeps dominating. It is a powerful weapon used as an active part of every marketing strategy. If you own a business and aim to reach your potential clients, visual and quality content will help you acquire a strong consumer base. Quality content makes you achieve good indexing and provides you with great social media attention, reduces your bouncing rate, and helps consumers understand you better. So, it is crucial to be as creative as possible when you prepare your content, whether with long-form blogs, infographics, or video marketing.

4. Voice Searches

According to Google, close to 50% of users use voice for web search. The majority of these respondents admitted they use voice search to run through their smartphones. WebDevFlorida, an SEO Company in Boca Raton, reports that 27% of the online population uses voice search on mobile phones. That sums up that 112 million people in the US use voice assistance, and more than half of all mobile phone users are engaged using voice search. These voice searches are similar to conversations that bring better and more specific results than written queries. Many people tend to use short-tailed keywords when they type, but a complete question when using voice search. Voice search is real-time and fast, which allows all users who love multi-tasking to do different things at once. With IoT taking the center and data, we will become more dependent on them.

5. User experience crucial to the success of a site

User experience refers to the user's feelings, thoughts, and emotions about a brand (company) and its systems, products, or other related services. Every company should create these products with one core thought: The user's experience. Customers today are smarter than 50 years ago, and they want everything delivered in a moment. Users like to access the internet for different reasons (shop, chat with friends, book a flight, or just information search) despite their location. Critical to this experience is the pace and ease with which users can find or review services and products they need. In many cases, user experience is not only crucial to a website's success but also its survival. Ensure your customers have an ideal journey that includes a user-friendly website, a clean-short purchasing journey, dynamic content, seamless navigation, top-rated customer support, and mobile compatibility.

6. Local SEO plays a vital role after the pandemic

With pandemic hitting since 2020, consumers have centered their focus on online purchases more than ever before. Local SEO became more critical while local-centered results are more relevant for users across different platforms seeking possible solutions they can acquire. "Near me" or "today" searches had an increase by over 500% in the last two years. Moreover, the most searched on mobiles "open now + near me" had an increase by 200%. If you want to take advantage of this, you might start by:
  • optimizing your site for voice search and mobile devices
  • create unique content following local events or specific-location places
  • have a Google My Business Account

7. Becoming a socially responsible brand

We understand that most business owners see social and environmental responsibility from a profit-making point. However, they can still do well and stand good as a business. Although this is not a way to bring sales, this contributes to indirect profits. Giving back to the community a part of your profit will sell itself to consumers and possible investors. Your brand will have an increased loyalty as you care for your society, and consumers will remember you first on any occasion. Socially responsible businesses can utilize this impact to reach business goals.

Online trends are changing rapidly, and search optimization is the most effective way to attract your customers. Choose WebDevFlorida, an SEO Company in Boca Raton to do it in the right way for you.

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